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Meshing around with Istio

Meshing around with Istio

    Nebulaworks Cloudnatives Webinar

  • DATE

    25 Jun, 2020

  • TIME

    07:00 UTC



Meshing around with Istio

Remember the character, Underdog? He was a mild-mannered dog, but when stress and conflict were introduced to the plot, he took a magic pill and became a superhero. Istio is a superhero for Kubernetes.

Istio is an open, platform-independent service mesh that transparently manages communications between services. With Kubernetes, being a distributed platform, many things can fail, slow down, and become less secure. Istio’s features of traffic management, observability, policy enforcement, service identity, and security, can allow your code to be less coupled to the inherent challenges of a distribution platform.


  • An introduction of Service Mesh
  • Review the fallacies & realities of distributed computing
  • A high-level overview of Istio Architecture
  • Explore the benefits of leveraging Istio through working examples on Kubernetes

Event Speakers


Jonathan Johnson


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