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Kubernetes Koncepts

Kubernetes Koncepts

    NFJS UberConf Webinar

  • DATE

    17 Jul, 2020

  • TIME

    15:00 UTC



Kubernetes Koncepts

These are 2, 90-minute sessions to introduce you to Kubernetes.

You have some modular code with a REST API. You are on your way to Microservices. Next, you package it in a container image that others can run. Simple. Now what? Your service needs to log information, needs to scale and load balance between its clones. Your service needs environment and metadata way outside its context. What about where the service will run? Who starts it? What monitors its health? What about antifragility? Updates? Networking? Oh my.

Don’t get flustered. We’ll explore how Kubernetes simplifies the complexity of distributed computing.

This session helps you understand the terms, architecture, and mechanics of the Kubernetes tools. You’ll understand how to target your applications to a seemingly complex distributed compute platform.

During the presentation, we’ll explore some hands-on scenarios.


  • Terms and architecture
  • Target cloud and data center choices
  • Objects, manifests, and Pods
  • Deploying, running, and scaling applications
  • Exploring topics beyond the basics.

Event Speakers


Jonathan Johnson


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