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Konsumer Driven Kontracts

Konsumer Driven Kontracts

    NFJS UberConf Webinar

  • DATE

    17 Jul, 2020

  • TIME

    19:00 UTC



Konsumer Driven Kontracts

Prerequisite: If you are unfamiliar with Kubernetes be sure to attend: Kubernetes Kontracts.

What kinds of frictions do you encounter when writing tests? Sometimes tests are never written because setting up a reliable and repeatable infrastructure is too difficult. With Kubernetes, you are now empowered to control your infrastructure that is reliable and repeatable.

We will explore different testing techniques on Kubernetes, including an important one called “Consumer-Driven Contracts”.

Consumer-Driven Contracts demonstration includes:

a RESTful Java microservice that accesses a database, subprojects that produce Docker images of database flavors, a subproject using TestNG to run Consumer-driven contract tests (Pact) against the database flavored endpoints.

Event Speakers


Jonathan Johnson


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