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Meshing around with Istio

Meshing around with Istio

    GIDS.AI&ML/Data Live online training

  • DATE

    06 Aug, 2020

  • TIME

    10:00 UTC



Meshing around with Istio

Kubernetes out of the box is a strong platform for running and coordinating large collections of services, containers, and applications. As is, Kubernetes is powerful for many solutions.

However, Istio is a supercharger for Kubernetes. Once you see it you will realize what we have been missing.

Istio is an open, platform-independent service mesh that manages communications between services in a transparent way. With a distributed architecture many things can fail, slow down and become less secure. Istio helps to shore up the weaknesses of a distributed platform.

Prerequisite: Be sure to attend Kubernetes Koncepts (at least part 1) as this presentation builds on those ideas.

Event Speakers


Jonathan Johnson


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