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Kubernetes Koncepts

Kubernetes Koncepts

    GIDS.AI&ML/Data Live online training

  • DATE

    07 Aug, 2020

  • TIME

    12:00 UTC



Kubernetes Koncepts

Kubernetes has become the de-facto orchestrator for containers and now is the best way to start engaging with portable distributed computing. This workshop is for software application developers who want to understand what Kubernetes is all about and how it works. It can be a seemingly complex ecosystem full of terms, architectures, and misinformation. We break it down so you have a solid understanding of how it works so you can start writing applications that run on this distributed platform.

We cover many topics such as:

  • Rise of Kubernetes and containers
  • Terms and architecture
  • What does it give me?
  • App Patterns on Kubernetes
  • Building, deploying, serving, and observing apps on Kubernetes.
  • Hands-on labs

Event Speakers


Jonathan Johnson


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