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Khaos and Kontracts for Kubernetes Kuality

Khaos and Kontracts for Kubernetes Kuality

    NFJS Virtual Workshop

  • DATE

    11 Jan, 2021

  • TIME

    18:00 UTC



Khaos and Kontracts for Kubernetes Kuality

During the lifecycles of your applications, there are various testing techniques that you should consider. For cloud native development and deployments to distributed systems such as Kubernetes it’s important you apply a variety of testing techniques at design time and even in production. During this workshop we will look at two helpful testing methods for cloud native development:

  • Consumer-driven contracts
  • Disruptive Chaos experiments

We will look at how both methodologies work and explore some open source tools to help you get started. The first part of the workshop introduces you to some hands-on labs that explore how to set up your own consumer-driven contract framework on Kubernetes. In the second half, the hands-on labs will introduce a few tools to consider for setting up chaos experiments on Kubernetes. Both techniques are huge eye-openers if you just focus on writing myopic unit tests.

Course Outline


  • Testing Patterns with Cloud Native

Part 1

  • Consumer-driven contracts testing
  • Using Pact for contract testing
  • Hands-on lab using Pact with Kubernetes


Part 2

  • Chaos engineering
  • Survey of chaos projects
  • Rolling your own chaos with K8s API
  • Hands-on with Chaos Mesh and Litmus projects


For this workshop, all you need the basic knowledge of application development, and laptop with a browser. If you are unfamiliar with Kubernetes be sure to attend: Kubernetes Koncepts.

Event Speakers


Jonathan Johnson


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