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Kubernetes Microservices Testing Techniques

Kubernetes Microservices Testing Techniques

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    06 Oct, 2022

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    15:00 UTC


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Most developers are aware of unit testing techniques used during the early phases of application development, but testing should happen during all phases of an application lifecycle to better reflect the end user’s experience of a service in distributed cloud clusters, where any number of things can go wrong that weren’t anticipated in preproduction testing.

Join expert Jonathan Johnson to explore two different types of testing that you may want to add to your cloud deployment strategies: consumer-driven contracts (CDC), which focus on the consumer’s perspective rather than the developer’s, and chaos experimentation, which allows for failure testing in a production environment. You’ll use the Pact open source software project’s set of tools to write and run CDC tests on Kubernetes and you’ll get hands-on with a few chaos engines to learn how to design and run experiments on Kubernetes.

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