Discovering the power of DaemonSets


Discovering the power of DaemonSets

A DaemonSet ensures that a copy of a Pod is running across a set of nodes in a Kubernetes cluster. DaemonSets are used to deploy system daemons such as log collectors and monitoring agents, which typically must run on every node. DaemonSets share similar functionality with ReplicaSets; both create Pods that are expected to be long-running services and ensure that the desired state and the observed state of the cluster match.

This lab introduces you to DaemonSets and explores some important DaemonSet usage techniques and features. The instructions in this lab closely follow the text of Chapter 11, “DaemonSets," in the book Kubernetes: Up and Running, third edition.

In this lab, you will learn how to:

    ☐ Create, read, update, and delete a DaemonSet
    ☐ Limit DaemonSet Pods to specific nodes

If you are not familiar with the basics of Pods, then explore the Kubernetes Fundamentals: Pods lab before learning about DaemonSets.




    15 minutes


    12 Jul, 2022